Thursday, 11 October 2012

October 12th 2012

Well we have just one term left of 2012. The transition to college has not been easy for Alicia, but I hear it's getting easier. I think she's found it a little lonely without her special friends and making new ones has been a challenge. The homework has also been tough. Visit her blog to read more about the challenges she's faced this year.

We have caught up a few times and are due to catch up again soon. I have purchased Apple TV at home and am keen to get Alicia and Mum around so I can show them what it could do for Alicia. She could use her ipad as a remote, wirelessly stream her movie footage and stuff through the tv and more. Could be fun for her when she has friends around.

I keep the crystal butterfly she gave me on my desk so I see it every day, along with her photo in a frame Denzel bought me. Miss seeing her, her wonderful teacher aides and the other students of Room 6 and 16. Always nice to hear from her and her friends. A group got together yesterday for lunch, but I couldn't make it as I am at the ULearn conference. So hope you all had fun and see you next time.