Tuesday, 9 August 2011

AJ's Blog

One of the photos taken by the
newspaper photographer
Alicia has started her own blog and she's made a great start. Check it out!


She's drafted her speech and posted it on her blog. She will present her speech using an application called prologuo2go on her ipad. Reading her blog is a great way to get to know her. We hope she will post regular diary entries when she is in America so the rest of the class can track her travels. Her blog provides a meaningful purpose for writing. Alicia's a great writer and I'd love to see her find a career in this field. To encourage this I arranged a meeting with a local journalist, newspaper reporter Rebecca Gardiner. We spent a wonderful afternoon questioning Rebecca about her job and then Rebecca visited Alicia's house to question Alicia. We hope to see an article about Alicia in the newspaper soon. The photographer took some stunning photos.